My first ever blog :) Wonder if I will be able to keep this up or if it will be too time consuming???

I seem to be taking on so many little projects at the moment, all related to making life fun and fabulous for my first born sweetheart Macy.

So I'm starting a blog, how very computer nerdy. But hey......I'm excited. I'm starting this to have my projects & ideas, both completed and ongoing, all in the one place. A visual update for myself, and anyone who may be interested. Especialy one day for Miss Macy Moo

The Play Room

The Play Room

By all means not the most creative, prettiest, colour co-ordinated, shabby-chic, french provincial or styled playroom, but a snapshot of a regular play room that I've had fun creating for Moo!

This really is an ongoing Project. Oh, and a VERY quick clean done for photos.... Moo was pulling stuff out during our spur of the moment 'photo shoot'

I think next addition will have to be a dress-ups corner.  I just need to find another corner ;)

Craft/Activity Corner
Complete with 2x IKEA LĂ–VA Bed canopy leaves bolted to the wall.

 IKEA LACK side table.
Kmart Chalk/magnetic white board (which I love as you can leave the legs off for the littlies)

Super fun rocking giraffe - picked up cheap at the used baby & Kids market.

Craft storage is BYGEL rails & buckets from IKEA also
KUSINER Storage basket (1 2 3)

IKEA TROFAST system.  I placed them this way to make a little seat.  Running out of room so this works as an extra adult seat when we have play dates.

Ceramic bulldog - gift from my Mum and Dad when I was a kid!

Where I display Moos work. I just used those 3M Command hooks, super small size and some cheapo twine.  Found those teeny tiny pegs at RIOT arts and Craft.

Mums Space
Messy and still to be organised.  Need shelving on the wall where the print is to house all the craft crap in the boxes below.

The House
I love this house. I searched for months to buy the prefect house for Moos 1st Birthday.  I chose this one as it seemed to have the lot.  Inside has a stove, a working door bell, opening door and the best part is the picnic table attached. This is where we east breakfast daily and on the weekends husband joins us.

To make it a little more unique, we added curtains. This was a fun project with my Crafty Auntie and the beginning of my sewing lessons.

 House #7 - No junk mail please.

 (so umm.. kinda needs to be cleaned - Moo can hardly see herself through the grubby finger prints!)

Moos Playroom xxx


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