My first ever blog :) Wonder if I will be able to keep this up or if it will be too time consuming???

I seem to be taking on so many little projects at the moment, all related to making life fun and fabulous for my first born sweetheart Macy.

So I'm starting a blog, how very computer nerdy. But hey......I'm excited. I'm starting this to have my projects & ideas, both completed and ongoing, all in the one place. A visual update for myself, and anyone who may be interested. Especialy one day for Miss Macy Moo

10 May 2012

Blog Neglect (cos of an awesome family holiday!)

I haven't written anything on here for a while - been super busy with preparing, taking and recovering from and awesome trip to China with Moo and Husband!

For most of my adult life I have gone overseas at least once a year, sometimes twice.  Working for a really good adventure travel company for the past 7 years has helped.  So we were coming up to almost 3 years without going on an overseas holiday and if we are going to get started on Moo V2.0 then I didn't want it to be another 3 years before we could get away.

Therefore we packed our bags and headed off to China for 3 weeks.

One thing I hope to provide my kids is the opportunity to learn through seeing and experiencing new and different things. 

China - February 2012.


Lucky to have good friends to show us around! (we have worked together for years, my business contact in China - Carl and his daughter Lulu (1 day older than Moo)

Showing the locals how its done.

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